cross-curricular "edu-tainment" for all ages!

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DIDGERIDOO DOWN UNDER is an Australia-themed presentation that combines Music, Art, Social Studies, Science, Reading Encouragement, Character Building (inc. Anti-Bullying) and Audience Participation. We vary our programs according to our audience members' ages (3 to ageless), the particular venue and individual school/classroom learning objectives. We use books, vocabulary lists, maps, artifacts, art work, puppets and musical instruments to enhance our presentations.

We engage the audience with a fresh perspective, delivering lessons and messages that transcend all countries, borders and peoples ...
-- promoting cultural harmony, environmental protection and global unity
-- igniting excitement about reading, writing, exploring and creating
-- furthering appreciation of world music and indigenous art
-- expanding students' vocabulary & word comprehension
-- encouraging kindness and respect toward all living beings

Our school programs place extra emphasis on Geography, Reading & Vocabulary Development, and are accompanied by a 13-page Study Guide for planning Sunshine State Standard-aligned classroom lessons and activities. (Our curriculum and study guide are aligned with Common Core Standards and all state educational standards.) In our Didgeridoo Workshops we teach how to play and paint didgeridoos!

We perform and teach at elementary/middle/high schools, colleges, libraries, camps, childcare centers and other venues throughout the eastern U.S
. We also offer workshops for teachers and other educators, showing how to apply unique facets of our programs to their own curriculum.

Regarding the Jessica Lunsford Act, we each have passed Level 2 screening in many of Florida's largest counties. We can share this information with your county office. If for some reason your county will not accept background checks from other agencies, we will take care of this in person once a program has been booked. Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions regarding our Level 2 screening.


RATES are determined by several factors.
For precise quote, go to Hire Us page.


Fundraising ideas for your school:
- Pool funds from multiple departments: PTA-PTO, music, art, media center, social studies, guidance, etc. DDU is a cross-curriculum program that applies to all areas!
- Apply for a grant from your local arts council; education foundation; Target; or any of the many other organizations that fund enrichment programs nationwide.
We can help your grant writing process by providing our education outline and other info.
- Ask each student to contribute $2-3. Even if only half the kids contribute, this probably will cover a good portion of the cost.
- Share our website with other schools. You'll get a discount for every school that refers your name when booking. Each referred venue also will receive a discount, regardless of when or how many programs they book!

**Referral discounts also available for all other venues; ask Darren for specifics**

In South Carolina, many schools receive funding through the South Carolina Arts Commission. Go to SCAC Approved Artists Roster, click on "Search for Artists" and type "didgeridoo" into search engine. You might need to sign up in order to view the Artists Roster.

Contact Darren for more info about grants and discount opportunities.




VIDEO CLIPS If you are considering booking DDU for any venue, you must see these! Click here!


DDU Education Outline! (our curriculum and study guide is applicable to academic standards in all 50 states)


Applicable Sunshine State Standards!


DDU Workshops!